~ All products are handmade with love by me and made to the best of my ability, due to these being handmade please be aware they may not be perfect!

~ Most plushies are second hand

~ All products are cleaned and washed before being made

~ Most backpacks will not be restocked due to the fact they are second hand

~ Products come from a smoke free home


How to care for your bag:


in order to keep your bag in brand new condition I recommend doing these:

~ if your bag has accessories don't throw the bag around! Charms may fall off!

~ if your bag has drawing, fake blood, dye etc do not rub it or get it wet! It may transfer!

~ if your zip gets jammed or a bit stuck do NOT force the zip, gently get the zip along with the material and slightly pull it!

~ do not pull the zip alone as fabric may rip! When zipping your bag make sure to grab the material/ head of the plush with it. Do not force it open

~ don't overload your bag. It may cause a zip jam or cause the handles to break under pressure!

Although faults should not occur, please note every item is handmade by me and most likely hand sewn! Please be aware of this before purchasing from my store!


if your bag breaks:

If your bag breaks within a short period of time/without a lot of use please email me! I do not answer dms with these topics as I need to check if the email address is legit! I must see multiple pictures or videos and the order must be recent in order to potentially get a refund! Please note I cannot give full refunds immediately as I cannot always trust that the item has broke due to me! It may be a fault with postage or the way it's been used! Yet again I'd recommend only buying from me if you're willing to take the risk of handmade items! Older items are more likely to be weaker as my sewing skills/equipment/knowledge etc had grown over time! I'm constantly working to find better solutions to make bags last longer! Plush backpacks are mainly used for decoration/outfit accessories , not for everyday use!

althought taking the risks of supporting a small business, please know I put so much love and passion into my items! Every product is handmade in my room with love and creativity. Shopping small can be so rewarding💕



~ Currently I do not give any full refunds. If you have an issue please contact me and a partial refund MAY be given

~ once the order is packaged I can no longer give a full refund - almost immediately after you order!




~ If you do not successfully have your item delivered/collect your item from your post office/ customs department the package will be sent back to me. After this I will email you with further information!


If there is no response within 1 month of me sending the emails , the item will be put back up for sale as a returned item on my depop.


Second hand items:

there is a section of my website for second hand items! This is for old clothing etc I'm selling from my personal collection. These are items that won't be restocked and are limited time on the website! These are sold cheap and are old items that are unwanted or have flaws! Everything in this section of my website is non refundable!! Please note that before buying from here.


About me:

Hi! I am Katie, I'm 17 and located in the UK.

I started my business as I no longer attend school due to mental health. I love showing people my work and making others happy!


Please do not ask me things like "why so expensive?" or " what's this in $" I am very busy and it is not my job to research everything for you. Please be kind and respectful to my business!

Thank You,

             Katie, Pussibagz